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CHARTER: Take to the skies to optimize your day. Commercial flights access less than 700 airports while over 10,000 airports exist! Charter opens up those airports including operating on your scheduling and providing nonstop options. Whether it is business or leisure, visiting your outreach clinics or making an a meeting and getting home for in time for dinner, we'd love to help inform and help you make the best charter choice.

Fly our fleet or let us access our network of thousands of aircraft. Technology has paved the way to optimize your charter options. We have no interest to serve anything other than your best interest! Having years of experience brokering and chartering trips, we'd love to help you navigate the industry. Whether you are new to it or are simply looking to further educate and explore your options we stand ready to earn your trust. We have access to thousands of empty legs and thousands of charter providers to get you the best aircraft each time. Give us a call/text at 800.700.5107 or email for trip options and pricing. Italicized types are offered only thru brokerage.

Show and go.

Aircraft is yours - bring who you wish, when you wish.

Fly into your airport!

We use your closest airport, not just where commercial airlines serve. Serving 10,000+ airports.

No lines
No tickets No security.

Travel anxiety eliminated.

Drive planeside.

Load and go!

Direct to ...anywhere.

No stops, no layovers, no connections (limited to lower 48 & AK)

Smaller is not less.

Charters use the same pilots, altitudes, speeds and ATC as airlines while using the industry's safest aircraft.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • One-way, round-trip, empty-legs: Airlines fly scheduled flights and are always loaded with passengers. Charters are different as they either 1) have a fixed-based location or 2) float and reposition to passengers. Either situation you will most likely have an empty leg that you directly or indirectly pay for. It is helpful to know that when you are dropped off, you have options. Sometimes it will be cheaper to hold the pilot/plane for your return trip. Other times it will be cheaper to send them on and book your return trip separately. Every operator advertises this information a bit differently, but regardless most wont let you worry about it as you shouldn't have to.

  • How does my pricing work? Charter differs from airlines in that you charter the aircraft, not a seat. In other words, fill it up! You will have a charter price which will include all flight time. Some will quote, and honor the quote, or others will bill off the hobbs (hour meter). Other billing items include standby, surcharges, landing/handling of airport fees, and associated taxes. We at Beacon work to get you an exact quote and honor it every time to eliminate the worry factor.

  • What types of aircraft are available? How many people do they hold? We use a large variety of aircraft from 2-3 passengers up to airline-sized aircraft. Normally, the larger aircraft, the more capable it is, meaning it can fly farther, faster, and with more weight. We try to optimize the size of aircraft to the trip and most importantly, to your budget.

  • What's the ride like? The Mountain West states can provide some varying ride conditions. Some trips will be smooth and 100% enjoyable. Others can be a bit turbulent especially if you are going in/out of a mountainous airport. Generally the larger the aircraft, the more comfortable the ride will be, but be assured your pilot will work as hard as possible to give you the smoothest ride. Fun fact: did you know that ATC does more than just safely navigate aircraft through the sky? If you listen to ATC on your flight, you will frequently hear them providing a ride report. Because they have many aircraft they are monitoring, they have current data at all times from other aircraft where the smooth air is. They report this so everyone can have the most enjoyable flight.

  • Where can I fly on private aircraft? While the US has around 500 airports with commercial service, there are over 5,000 airports in the US. We will both pick you up and drop you off at the airport that is closest for you.

  • Can I bring my pets? There are no regulations against it unless not allowed by the aircraft operator. Most operators in the business do allow it as they know how important your furry friend is to you. Your pet will accompany you in the cabin of the aircraft.

  • How do I pay my FET taxes? There are FET taxes on heavier/larger aircraft. This is 7.5% of the trip and will be included in your trip price.

  • What safety standards do the pilots and crew abide by? Safety never needs be of concern. Your 135 charter operator follows the most rigorous safety standards and abides by FAA regulations. Your pilot is equally qualified (some argue more) that any airline captain. Some charter operators are authorized to operate the smaller aircraft single pilot. If you like to see two bodies sitting up front, you can often request a second pilot. Single pilots are used up through light jets and you will see crews on most larger aircraft. Privately owned/operated aircraft for owner use (Part 91) has a bit more lax regulations, but you will never find yourself chartering a Part 91 flight.

  • What happens in the event that we have a mechanical/weather issue? Unfortunately, private charter still has limitations, but with effective planning these risks can often be mitigated. Maintenance issues are a rare occurrence in the industry and we make sure that you are chartering a suitable aircraft for the region and and the weather in which you will be operating. Having a pressurized aircraft means you can get on top of the weather versus having to go around it, and having an aircraft with in-flight deicing capabilities also increases your capabilities when navigating Mountain West states.

  • What are the different membership options? There are all sorts of sales gimmicks out there. We at Beacon try to get you in the best set up. If you are a frequent flyer (25+ hrs) a month, you might consider aircraft ownership options. There are other fractional ownership models, card or pre-buying of hours, or just on-demand. We try to get you the best set up for each flight.

  • What is a leaseback? Want to own but want your liability to become an asset? Leasebacks are highly variable investments and are not for everyone. We’ll be happy to work with you to predict the revenue, expense, and overall performance of your aircraft. We can also help you purchase the right aircraft. As with most things, there are pros and cons with leaseback. The pros include your fixed costs are typically covered and you will gain equity in an aircraft as it works. There are also significant accelerated depreciation tax credits as well as other tax benefits. The cons include rigorous use and will accelerate wear on the aircraft. In addition you’ll lose the flexibility of flying your airplane whenever you want and must schedule it out.

  • Is on-board catering included in the price? Often not, but you can request it or bring along food. There will often be complimentary drinks and snacks on board.

  • What are the rules for baggage? There is no extra fee for bags, but there are limitations. Why? A couple reasons being that you are limited to the space the aircraft has, and the second is the aircraft has weight constraints. If it is a long trip that will require lots of fuel, which is weight for the aircraft, less bags can be brought. Normally you may pack 'normal' and even fit golf clubs, skis, guns etc.

  • Can you arrange ground transportation? Options will vary based upon the airports you select. Regardless, we will work hard to get you options to make the final leg of your trip from the airport to your final destination. If you are meeting people, they are welcome to pick you up at the airport.


Please email us at or call/text us at 800.700.5107