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Take to the skies to optimize your day. Commercial flights access less than 700 airports while over 15,000 airports exist! Charter opens up those airports including operating on your scheduling and providing nonstop options. Whether it is business or leisure, visiting your outreach clinics or making an a meeting and getting home for in time for dinner, we'd love to help inform and help you make the best charter choice.

Fly our fleet or let us access our network of thousands of aircraft. Technology has paved the way to optimize your charter options. We have no interest to serve anything other than your best interest! Having years of experience brokering and chartering trips, we'd love to help you navigate the industry. Whether you are new to it or are simply looking to further educate and explore your options we stand ready to earn your trust. We have access to thousands of empty legs and thousands of charter providers to get you the best aircraft each time. Give us a call/text at 800.700.5107 or email for trip options and pricing. Italicized types are offered only thru brokerage.

Show and go.

Aircraft is yours - bring who you wish, when you wish.

Fly into your airport!

We use your closest airport, not just where commercial airlines serve. Serving 15,000+ airports.

No lines.
No tickets. No security.

Travel anxiety eliminated.

Drive planeside.

Load and go! Drive planeside, unload and go. Its that simple and your car will be planeside upon  your return.

Direct to ...anywhere.

No stops, no layovers, no connections (limited to lower 48 & AK & fuel range)

Smaller is more.

Charters use the same pilots, altitudes, speeds and ATC as airlines while using the industry's safest aircraft.


This allows ultimate flexibility with no strings attached. Best for one off trips using a network of aircraft with varying ranges, speeds and size. No memberships or fees outside of the cost of your trip. 
*provided by licensed FAA 135 operators using optimizing software to include empty leg availability. 


For some, owning a fraction of an aircraft makes the most sense as it allows you to defray the cost of ownership while still being an owner. This is a managed program while sharing expenses. 
  • PURCHASE: Acquisition cost to purchase a share as small as 1/16th. Each share allows for 18 days of use.
  • MONTHLY: This includes your fixed expenses and is a set rate to include pilots, hangar and insurance.
  • HOURLY: This is a set hourly rate to cover maintenance, reserves, fuel and airport fees.

*limited to the Daher TBM aircraft


For some, outright ownership makes the most sense. Let us help you procure your aircraft and manage the rest! Crew, hangar, maintenance is our worry. Your worries just when to fly!
  • PURCHASE: Acquisition cost.
  • MONTHLY: This includes your fixed expenses and is a set rate to include pilots, hangar and insurance.
  • HOURLY: This is a set hourly rate to cover maintenance including reserves, fuel and airport fees.

*limited to SE turbine aircraft

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Please email us at or call/text us at 800.700.5107