Beacon Air Group is successful because of its focus on our airport users, both based and transients. We provide the best FBO services, including fuels, facilities, and customer-oriented employees. We understand that our customers may require services that go above and beyond those listed, and our goal is to partner with those to provide the solutions for your needs. We have since expanded to provide industry best sales, training and management services.

What does this mean? You make the request and we provide you with the best solution. Sometimes it will be provided by Beacon, other times by our approved vendors. Sales, charter, pilot service, instruction, insurance, hangar, parts, maintenance and the list goes on. We understand you and will do our part in providing you the best experience.

Case Study

We found a heavy user of an airport was dropping the passengers/owners off at the county airport, as it was closest proximity to the owner's ranch, and then the user would reposition the aircraft. The economic value of this event to the airport was $0, as they would take all services where they had re-positioned. This had been the practice for the 9 years that the owners had the ranch. We investigated. When asked why they did not stay at the county airport, they responded they had no way to dump the lavatory and could not let it sit for the duration of the stay. We responded with a lavatory cart and they responded by staying overnight. As the relationship grew, we identified further needs. Today, they stay every time. A hangar has since been built and they are a large user of the local FBO, now stimulating and supporting the airport. The crews spend time in town bringing economic benefit to local businesses (car, restaurants, entertainment). The owners, and the friends they bring, now frequent their property more because of the ease of access. When you multiply this by all your airport users, great things happen. We aren't the change, we facilitate the change!