The only full motion simulator in the state available for public use helps students and pilots alike. The simulator helps pilots in its ability to simulate actual conditions, including change in weather, mechanical failure, and specific training points, will prepare student pilots to anticipate and mentally train for real-time situations. We are firm believers in simulation-centric training and we know the value of the FMX far outpaces the loggable hours. The FAA has approved it as an Advanced Aviation Training Device.
A private pilot certificate is for those who have always wanted to fly and is the starting point for those who have higher aviation goals. Many private pilots are interested in flying for fun and flying a variety of different aircraft. Others learn to fly so they are able to use an aircraft to support their business or professional interests, like flying themselves to meetings to cut down on travel time. Whatever the goal, private pilots have many options.
An instrument rating qualifies a pilot to fly in the clouds, and when the weather is not favorable. Operating a flight in instrument conditions requires that a pilot must have filed an IFR flight plan. Flight instruments provide the necessary information commonly obtained by simply looking out the window during a VFR flight. Only a certified and current instrument rated pilot is permitted to file and fly an IFR flight plan.
Achieving Commercial Pilot certification is the ticket to finally being able to receive compensation as a pilot. This certificate opens the doors to a wide variety of personally and financially rewarding flying opportunities. Commercial pilots are able to fly passengers for hire, transport cargo, or pursue a career as a flight instructor, charter pilot, airline pilot and much much more. The sky is the limit!


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The TBM aircraft is the first pressurized single-engine turbine aircraft to be certified. With a max range of 1,730nm, max cruise speed of 330kts, max pax capacity of 5, max payload of 1,400lbs and a takeoff length of just 2,380ft, we recommend it as a recommended and supported platform. FOR SALE

The Kodiak is a workhorse and family suburban of private aviation. With a max range of 1,132nm, max cruise speed of 174kts, max pax capacity of 10, max payload of 3,530lbs and a takeoff length of just 934ft, we recommend it for those that need that versatile utility. FOR SALE

The PC12 aircraft, the “turbine Suburban” has earned a loyal following for its unique mix of large cabin size, long range, and impressive runway performand in addition to its stellar safety record. With a max range of 1,845nm, max cruise speed of 290kts, max pax capacity of 9, max payload of 2,485lbs and a takeoff length of just 2,235ft. FOR SALE
The King Air is a line of American utility aircraft produced by Beechcraft. With a max range of 1,720nm, max cruise speed of 310kts, max pax capacity of 9, max payload of 3,760lbs and a takeoff length of just 2,111ft, we recommend it for those that need that versatile utility. FOR SALE

General Information

Goldberg Aviation training is approved by all major insurance carriers for initial and recurrent training.  Our program is a series of one-on-one, full-immersion training sessions comprising both ground sessions and cross-country flight scenarios. Our process is modeled after the FAA/Industry Training Standards to deliver the most effective and comprehensive training available.

The training is flexible and will build on your prior experience while setting the proper framework for the safe operations in the new aircraft. Completion standards are based on demonstrating knowledge and flight proficiency to FAA Practical Test standards in VFR and IFR conditions responding to the normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios presented.

Nobody trains more TURBINE PILOTS in their aircraft than Goldberg Aviation.  We have served hundreds of TBM clients on six continents.  Typically our initial training sessions require 3-7 days and our recurrent training sessions require 1-2 days.

We believe that ground training in classrooms and cockpit procedure training is an essential basis for flying complicated aircraft.  However, we firmly believe that there is no substitute for in-cockpit training.  The in-cockpit training is exceptionally valuable when it includes your: Aircraft, Avionics, Airports, Missions. Our instructors can come to you so that you can train in your aircraft, simulating your flight missions on a schedule that works with your other commitments.

Goldberg Aviation instructors use proprietary training materials and techniques.  Our training emphasizes the practical application of flight planning tools and after flight evaluation programs.  All of this training serves to augment factory-provided information and the combination assures that you become knowledgeable, skilled, safe, and confident in the cockpit.

We conduct ground and flight training to teach aircraft systems, flight characteristics, cockpit procedures, and normal and emergency procedures. We train you to accomplish your most frequent missions with confidence and skill.



William Goldberg is the only pilot I would want to train me in landing an aircraft as a non-pilot passenger. I have flown over 2,000 hours as a passenger with my husband who pilots both a TBM 700 and a Cirrus. I was not worried about an emergency in flight in the Cirrus due to a parachute that can be deployed during a pilot emergency. The TBM, however, must be landed safely in case of a pilot emergency. I hired William to train me on how to land the TBM 700. He made me feel confident and calm during my 2 day training. I feel secure in knowing I could put the plane on the ground and walk away safely. I would highly recommend Will to pilots and non-pilots alike. Exceptional! — Rocki Shepard President & CEO

William Goldberg is treasured in my cockpit. With his vast knowledge and experience, he consistently improves my piloting capabilities. I consider Will one of my mentors, and I can easily recommend Will to any pilot, in-command, or companion who wishes to increase their competence. — Bill Shepard | Cedar Rapids, IA

I just want to send you a note and let you know that I enjoyed working with Bill Thomas both on the ground and in the air. His extensive experience in corporate aviation brings a valuable perspective to TBM operations. He also has a tremendous customer service orientation. — Andrew Davidson | New York, NY

As a 35 year pilot with over 4000 hours, William Goldberg does a great job of instructing. He allows the pilot to fly the airplane make mistakes and learn how to recover from them on their own before he jumps in. I think it is the true quality of a great instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed flying with William. — Walter Floyd | Fort Worth, TX

Jerry Esses is a pleasure to train with. He takes his job seriously and is dedicated and takes pride in his profession. It is my hope to have my TBM for several more years and Jerry as the instructor. — Lanny Dunn

Bill Thomas is an amazing instructor and I found the Goldberg program to very well planned. I would definitely recommend Bill and the Goldberg Program. Amazing experience. — Jim Morrissey | Philadelphia, PA

I am a private pilot flying for 25 years with over 3,500 hours. Prior to my TBM, I owned a Cessna 172, Piper Saratoga, Piper Malibu and Lake Amphibian. During my pilot life, I have received plenty of instruction and recurrent training, but I view William Goldberg’s training as among the best I have ever received. He instructs with rigor and has excellent explanations. He focuses on areas that are most needed for each pilot while covering all of the necessary areas that need to be reviewed. For any particular pilot, this could be an in-depth focus on a variety of topics including the G1000, normal stick and rudder skills, complex instrument approaches or abnormal/emergency procedures. This open approach creates a high value-add and efficient use of both instructor and student time. William also taught me his procedure for the TBM to set up the plane in the correct configuration for a flawless instrument approach. It works great, is very logical and it simplifies every approach because it works. Learning this procedure alone is worth taking recurrent training with William. — Garney B Scott III | Nashville, TN

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received from Jason Clarke. He is by far, the most professional pilot I have had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely knowledgeable in the TBM, and I feel I received first class training. I would recommend your company, and Jason to anyone needing TBM training. Thank you! — Pace Boler | Mobile, AL

I completed TBM930 recurrent training with William Goldberg. With 10 years of TBM flying and many training events in the TBM series aircraft, this was the most beneficial TBM training I have received. William’s training methods and personality will help any pilot improve their skills and depth of knowledge of the airplane. — David Messinger | Homer Glen, IL

We are grateful we had the opportunity to work with William Goldberg during the transition from piston aircraft to our TBM. Will ensures his TBM students meet or exceed a professional standard of proficiency which is exactly what was desired. To maximize our time together and accomplish this goal, William readily adapted his instruction style to best suit our learning behavior, greatly enhancing our absorption.

Cathy and I operate as a crew in our TBM. William observed and mentored us in this process to assure we worked effectively, helping us communicate succinctly as pilot and copilot. We have since flown with professional crew members who have commended our CRM skills. We attribute this to Will’s attention to detail.

We will continue to work with William as we further our knowledge of professional flying. — Brian and Cathy Lincoln | Kansas City, MO

The time with William Goldberg and Bill Thomas has been an absolute pleasure. The Goldberg team is first class and the quality of the training reflects the same. — Evan Radler | Ft. Worth, TX

Mike Lepper did an amazing job. The most professional and best flight training I have had in 20 years of flying! — Chris Felton | Detroit, MI

As a 2700 hour twin piston pilot in my Navajo, upgrading to a TBM was my goal, but retraining with flight instructors wasn’t high on my wish list.

William Goldberg made the transition less of an anxiety event, and more of a “let’s fly with my friend” training event. He was competent and experienced in every aspect of the technical flying of my TBM, and situations like weather and hot restarts were dealt with as if William had flown the TBM around the world several times, which he has.

I’ve had a lot of instructors, both as a pilot as well as a physician, and William Goldberg is a “top-gun” instructor both for new TBM owners, and anyone needing recurrent TBM training. — Lawrence Beroza M.D. | West Palm Beach, FL

I’ve been working with William Goldberg for several years now and will continue to do so for years to come. He has also piloted many trips for my company and we could not be happier. Not only is William a fantastic pilot but he is who I choose to conduct my recurrent training with. His instruction is top notch and I find him to be very professional with a safety-oriented and practical approach that suits my abilities and skill level. He is an extremely skilled pilot and an excellent teacher. With William, you will see your skills constantly improving. He focuses on building a strong foundation of knowledge for a lifetime of fun, safe, flying. I highly recommend Goldberg Aviation for all your TBM needs. — Philippe d'Offay | San Rafael, CA

We have used Goldberg Aviation several times including performing initial and recurrent training for crew members flying our TBM850. In addition, Goldberg Aviation has performed “return to service” flights after maintenance events and ferry flights when aircraft re-positioning was needed. William Goldberg has always been prepared, punctual, thorough, and professional in all of their dealings with us. We would highly recommend Goldberg Aviation as a source of knowledgeable and reliable crew training and management for our TBM. — Darryl Lanker | Ocala, FL

My time & experience with Jerry Esses was incredible. Exceeded my expectations. — Brian Bayer | Detroit, MI

Jason Clarke did a fantastic job both in the Ground School and in the air. — Bob Knight | Lakeland, FL

My wife really enjoyed training with Martina Wegscheider. Martina is fantastic! — John Benediktsson | Lake Tahoe, CA


Please email us at info@goldbergaviation.com or call us at 800.700.5107 option 6

William Goldberg is both a teacher and student of turbine aircraft operation and is committed to building an organization that provides the best in-cockpit training available for certain models of turbine aircraft.
William has flown for over 36 years in more than 75 countries. He has 25,000 hours in aircraft with missions ranging from law enforcement to the Alaskan bush to air ambulance to corporate aviation to US Army intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. He has been a full time turbine instructor since 2014, has over 4,700 hours instructing recurrent and initial pilots in all a wide variety of turbine aircraft.
Between commanding aircraft and flight instruction, he fully understands the interface between flight mission requirements, aircraft capability and human performance. William has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters degree in human factors in aviation.William loves spending time with his wife and their children, hunting and flying his Super Cub.

CODY, WY 82414

**Instructors worldwide