Airport Maintenance & Administration

Did you know a first impression is made in seven seconds? We want to give your local golf course a run for their money with a perfectly manicured airport. Airport managers sometimes lack the industry knowledge, experience, training, efficiency, and equipment to establish and maintain a premier facility. We provide various services to keep your airport looking in top shape while ensuring safety as our number one priority. In addition to curb appeal, we help you develop and implement standards recommended by the FAA to keep your airport operating efficiently.

(A1) Airport Manager: This option provides you with a designated manager to complete the entire scope of services described on this page. These professionals normally care for 3-4 airports and are efficient at what they do. They also have access to FBOport's team and equipment to more efficiently do their jobs. If you wish to employ your own airport manager and just need support in deficient areas, we have solutions for that as well.

(A2) Airport Manager Training: Some airports prefer a local onsite manager. With this option we supply our airport specific cloud based management platform with associated training tools and electronic record keeping platforms. In addition, we will provide your airport manager with 5 onsite training days on using these tools. In addition, phone support M-F 0800-1700 will be provided. This also includes board/municipality support, airport engineer liaison, and up to 6 board meeting work sessions annually.

(A3) Airfield Maintenance: We love putting our boots on the ground. Our most popular package provides the greatest visual improvements. This provides two annual mowing of safety areas, two annual spraying of weeds, and sweeping of rocks/debris from runway, taxiways and ramps. Also included are new windsock(s), signage washed, and all inoperative light bulbs to be repaired. Painting and markings can also be contracted. This option includes equipment, time, and materials, saving your airport the hassle and cost of owning and maintaining underutilized equipment.

(A4) Branding: Your signage portrays who you are, and it is your perceived image. Our favorite package is to help you be recognized and set a good and lasting first impression. We help to create a logo for the airport usage and marketing. We also work with your airport to create an entry sign, landscaping, and maintenance to keep your airport looking first-class. Also included is installation of decals on equipment and marketing products.

(A5) Documents: The documents package includes providing the airport with necessary governing documents. Documents include: leases and associated rates, minimum standards, rules and regulations, snow and ice control plan, and through-the-fence policy if applicable. Documents are maintained and made available to the public via a website link. This involves creation, implementation, and administration of said documents.

(A6) Budget: While we generally like to keep ourselves out of budgetary activities, we can assist with grants, budget review and estimation, sustainability models and other valuable modeling for airports. This involves 4 work sessions to review and design/audit the budget. Also included is phone support with your airport secretary or finance department. With our services, costs become predictable as we mitigate risk and simplify financials.

(A7) Audits: Do you have an airport manager, but are unsure of his/her performance? Do you want ideas to improve your airport or identify specific deficient areas? This service includes a 4-hour field audit performed semi-annually with your airport manager on airport compliance. It includes a field inspection (like 139 standards), fuel farms, document and lease, and NOTAM review. This will be done on a semi-annual basis and a written report will be provided.

(A8) Other: We recognize each airport is different. We aren't afraid to take on special, one-time projects. Such projects have included hangar developments, noxious weed spraying, LED lighting upgrades, fence/gate upgrades, SRE building improvements, equipment maintenance, building demo, and other cleanup and beautification projects.

Having airport employees without processes and systems is like building a house without plans... or like running an airport without plans. We have specific plans for establishing and maintaining first-class airports. Our processes and systems have been built over decades and have been tried and tested. We currently offer a full spectrum of services with the exception of snow removal. We understand that snow removal is an item that is in high demand. We currently do not offer snow removal packages, but we are happy to consult on an airport-by-airport basis to ensure efficient, safe, and sustainable options are developed.