We cater to airport sponsors, city and county airport boards, mayors and alike to help develop the best possible solutions for your airport. We bring together your needs and our experience in order to produce the best product at the best price every time. Our à la carte approach ensures we are the best fit for you and your airport. We bring your vision to reality.

One-off FBOs benefit from support. Our team brings about the support and efficiencies of chain FBOs while looking out for your best interests. Whether it is fuel supply, systems and processes, or infrastructure development, we will help you derive at the best solution. We serve both private and municipality ran FBOs.

Everything we do is for you - the end user. Airports exist to serve the need of aviators. Whether you are a corporate flight department needing assistance in setting up in our region or an aircraft operator needing assistance in procuring fuel on the road, our existence is to ultimately serve you. You will not find anybody who knows our region better.

Who are we?

Beacon Air Group is powered by FBOport. FBOport is a management company to fill the needs of small- to mid-sized general aviation airports to include intuitive systems and processes. While we specialize in markets without FBOs, we also have plenty to offer your airport that does have an FBO. We are a diverse operator focused at serving airport sponsors, FBOs or the needs of your airport, and airport users to identify the needs and wants in order to provide the full spectrum of airport solutions. Our objective is to bring first-class service and offerings to municipalities that would otherwise be unable to enjoy such services. How can we do it? Our synergistic approach allows us to provide a first-class service of airport management and FBO solutions for a lower cost than when operated by the airport authority. We succeed when your airport succeeds, and the vision is growth and sustainability.

Having an à la carte approach, we can be the best fit, each time, for each airport. We find municipalities usually advocate for their airports. They realize the importance they serve, but often are unable to bring life to them. We pride ourselves in helping your airports reach that potential. Our owners have years of experience in the industry both as users and as service providers. Your airport might not be utilized due to lack of services, poor conditions, lack of amenities or services, or may be deemed by operators as unsafe. As such, users will not invest and build infrastructure to help your airport become sustainable and an asset. We stop this cycle. We help by bringing the change, and as we bring change users invest in your airport to bring about the economic benefit to the community that everyone has always hoped for.

We are often the missing link! Airport Sponsors are normally comprised of a board filled with volunteers who are passionate about the airport, but can lack the time or expertise in order to know what their airport needs. The engineer is the expert and engineer your vision for the airport. FBOport will connect the two to bring you the right projects at the right time. We interact with users, we are users of airports, and we bridge the gap between where you are and where you need and want to be.

Case Study

We found a heavy user of an airport was dropping the passengers/owners off at the county airport, as it was closest proximity to the owner's ranch, and then the user would reposition the aircraft. The economic value of this event to the airport was $0, as they would take all services where they had re-positioned. This had been the practice for the 9 years that the owners had the ranch. We investigated. When asked why they did not stay at the county airport, they responded they had no way to dump the lavatory and could not let it sit for the duration of the stay. We responded with a lavatory cart and they responded by staying overnight. As the relationship grew, we identified further needs. Today, they stay every time. A hangar has since been built and they are a large user of the local FBO, now stimulating and supporting the airport. The crews spend time in town bringing economic benefit to local businesses (car, restaurants, entertainment). The owners, and the friends they bring, now frequent their property more because of the ease of access. When you multiply this by all your airport users, great things happen. We aren't the change, we facilitate the change!